Ear candles is an ancient treatment. It was claimed it cleared the mind and body. The ear candle acts as a vacuum suctioning ear wax and other debris out of the ear canal. No pain is inflicted during this treatment, in fact people’s feedback is that it is a very relaxing treatment. It has been known to help with many conditions such as: Tinitus; Sinisitus; Glue ear; Hayfever & rhinitus; Excessive ear wax; General hearing loss; Colds; Tension headaches; Travel sickness; Meniere’s disease; Post diving pressure & Post flying pressure. Although there is no scientific evidence stating that ear candles can cure these conditions, many people have claimed it has has a positive benefit to their condition.

Please note this may not be 100% effective for you, this is information for a wide range of people. Everybody works differently.

Ear Candles

Approx 45 mins


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