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Lash Lift


A lash lift is a perm of the natural eyelashes, making your lashes look longer, curlier & fuller. Lasting 4-6 weeks this is the perfect lash treatment to keep things natural looking, easy and low maintenance.

I offer group discounts on this treatment. Bring a friend and each get £5 off, up to 4 friend at any one time.


Classic Lashes

Full Set £55

Classic lashes are created with one lash extension to one natural lash. Classic lashes give a natural look of longer and thicker lashes.


Hybrid Lashes

Full Set £65

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of Classic and Russian Volume lashes, made to give an in between look for those who want subtle but a little bit more. A great transition stage if you are considering the jump to Russian Volume.


Russian Volume

Full Set £75

Russian Volume lashes are created with 2-5 lightweight lash extensions, handmade into a fan and applied to one natural lash. A light, medium or full set of lashes to enhance your eyes and give the appearance of having more lashes than you naturally have. With the option of adding drama and styles to suit your eye shape. These are the most popular style of lashes I offer and are a style worn by many.


Mega Russian Volume

Full Set £85

Mega Russian Volume lashes are created with 6+ ultra lightweight lash extensions hand made into a fan and applied to one natural lash. A Mega Volume set gives you a super full glam look for those who love the extra volume and drama.


Lash Naps Are The New Beauty Sleep.
Please note, it is advisory you have a skin test a minimum of 48hrs prior to lash extension or lifting services. This is free. Please don't forget to include it in when you book your appointment. 

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