Makeup Lessons

We offer a range of makeup lessons including special lessons for under 16's & brides. All makeup lessons take place at my home studio in Lordswood. Lessons include a full product list and strip lashes (excluding skin focus lesson).

Day courses coming soon! 

Please note, none of the courses in this section are accredited. 

Accredited Makeup lessons coming soon

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Short Focus Lesson

£50 1 hour

Learn how to do either your eye makeup or skin makeup in this short 1 hour course. With one main focus, we can work together to discus the best products and techniques. We will work on a step by step basis where I will complete one side and you will complete the other. 

Everyday Makeup

£70 1 hour 30 Minutes

Keep things pretty natural by learning the basics. A step by step where you can learn every day natural makeup.

We will include:

-Skin prep- Cleansing, Moisturising & Priming the skin ready for makeup application.

-Base- Base products to create a natural skin look perfect for day to day wear. Including contour & highlight.

-Brows- Natural or a bit more defined.

-Eyes- Mascara and one or two neutral colours to help prevent creasing and add a little colour to the eyes to brighten.

-Lips- Lining the lips and filling with lipstick to get a long wearing natural looking lip.

Advanced Day To Evening

£90- 2.5 Hours

Create the everyday look but we will transform this into an evening look. We will work with the day look we've just created and intensify the eye look a little more. We will still work on a step by step basis.

Evening Basics

£80- 2.5 Hours

Learn how to create a beautiful evening look including the following:

-Skin prep





You can make this more of a skin or eye focus if you prefer one more intense than the other but we will cover both skin and eye makeup as a whole look.

Evening Glam

£90- 2.5-3 Hours

A full face of more of a glam style. This step by step lesson will include:

Skin prep






We will create flawless looking skin and a heavier glam eye look. Perfect for nights out or special occasions.

Under 16's Day Makeup

£50-1 Hour

As a young girl just starting to get into makeup it can be very easy to get lost amongst products and techniques. In this step-by step lesson, we will focus on light skin makeup, drawing your brows on and enhancing their shape properly, suitable lip colours and how to help them last longer. Learn to do your make up properly from the start.

Under 16's Evening Makeup Lesson

£70- 1.5-2 Hours

An evening look for parties and special occasions. If you are wanting to learn to create an evening makeup look, this is a great choice of lesson for you. Step by step we will create a look of your choice, I can teach you to create beautiful makeup without it becoming too heavy.

Bridal Makeup Lesson

£150 2.5hrs

Are you getting married abroad, or would you prefer to do your own makeup on your wedding day? I offer bridal makeup lessons where we decide on a look that you love and I teach you to re-create it on yourself. I will do one side while you do the other side so we take it step by step. I recommend you bring a notepad to take notes and your phone to take pictures throughout of each step.