Acrylic Nails, Gel Polish, Swarovski Crystal Pedicures & Nail Art

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails (natural or white tips)

Approx 1 hour – 1 hour 30 mins

Acrylic nail extensions with natural or white tips. Adding length and style to your nails. With natural tips you will have people thinking your nails are real! While white tips give that classy french manicured style. Gel or normal polish can be applied to natural tips to add colour, this will however be extra on the final price, contact me for more details.


Natural nail overlaysnatural tip acrylics

Approx 1hr

Giving your natural nails and overlay of acrylic will give you the chance to grow your nails out. This is recommended if your nails are short or bitten. It will help them to grow long enough to have tips put on. Overlays miss out the tip stage and are purely acrylic applied to your natural nail.




Infills are recommeded after 2 weeks.

Approx 1hr 30mins



Add Polish +£5

Add Gel Polish +£10

Add Glitter +50p per nail

Add Nail Art from +50p per nail

Add Crystals POC

Gel Polish

Fed up with your nail polish chipping after a few days? Bored of having a long wait for your nails to dry, then ending up smudging them anyway? Gel polish drys instantly so there is no waiting time, once the treatment is finished they are dried solid, meaning no worrying about smudging your newly manicured nails.

With a wide variety of colours you are bound to find one you love!

Tidy & Paint

Approx 30-45minsnatural acrylics with pink gel

Tidy and paint includes, file, cuticle work and a paint in the gel polish colour of your choice.



Removal & Re-hydration


Correct removal of your acrylic or gel nails means healthier nails in the long run! When picking off your nails you are peeling off the top layers of the nail meaning they are made weaker. Correct removal is done by soaking the nails in pure acetone & scraping the remaining acrylic off of the natural nail. This is followed by a light buff & application of cuticle oil to re-hydrate the nails.

Swarovski Crystal Pedicure

Get your toes looking stunning & sparkly. Swarovski crystal pedicures are perfect for every occassion, should it be weddings, parties, proms or just to make your feet look pretty, they will be excellent for making you feel more confident about your feet; Once you have a swarovski crystal pedicure you’ll be showing everybody your sparkly toes!!

Full set

Approx 1hour 30 minsswarovski full set

This includes having swarovski crystals placed onto your toenails individually. Giving your toes a sparkly finish on every toenail your feet will be noticed by everybody! Bring on the sparkle!


Big Toes

This includes having just your big toes filled with individual swarovski crystals and the rest will be painted in a gel polish. Something for those who want to keep it more natural.



Nail Art

A variety of nail art patterns are available, prices depend on how intricate the design is. Please contact me with an idea of what nail art you would like for a personalised quote.summer

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